Architectural trade-offs for SoCs are getting complex with the Internet giving way to new technologies and usage models in connectivity, security and storage. 

Aims Technology has developed NoC Architecture Explorer Tool - Aims Himalia just to bring in a solution to orthogonal requirements of achieving functionality and performance while meeting the structural requirement -

  • Scalable Connectivity with Processors, IOs and Memories - impacts die size. 
  • Performance and Power - impacts practical usability of the chip.
  • Structural Routability of the chip - impacts DFM and yield.

Main Features

  • Automated, GUI-based Tool
  • Ideal for architectural exploration for optimal topology for SoC
  • Powerful Tool for SoC Architects
  • 4 Easy Steps
    • Create
    • Generate
    • Simulate
    • Report 
  • Supports processors, IOs, and memories on the network 
  • Integrated with Aims Andromeda and Aims Milky Way NoC IP Offerings

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