AimsConnect directory-based Cache Coherent Network-on-chip (CcNoC) IP is a high performance and low power product. The product is architected and designed by leveraging decades of engineering expertise in Ethernet networking, PCIe switching, and multi-processor based SoCs. The company prides in bringing out the highest quality NoC IPs to the market to fill a growing demand for intelligent on-chip interconnects for performance and differentiation. The company’s patent pending technology dramatically improves throughput and reduces latency.  The well thought-out micro-architecture solves routing congestion and keeps power consumption low.

Industry Focus

Application Focus

  • Super computing
  • Cache Coherent Multiprocessing
  • Data Center
  • High Performance Computing
  • SDN
  • Scalability of Server and Memory
  • Mobile
  • Storage, Security, Networking

Main Features

  •  Configurable in multiple topologies – MxN mesh, unidirectional, and bidirectional ring
  •  Supports coherent, coherent-aware, and non-coherent nodes on one network
  • Interface Support: AMBA 5 CHI, AMBA AXI4 standards
  • Architected for performance, high throughput, and minimum latency
  •  Intelligent algorithm for deadlock-free routing of packets
  • Multiple VC support to provide QoS
  • Worm-hole packet routing minimizes buffering requirements
  • Multiple levels of power savings based on SoC requirements

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