The company prides itself in providing best-in-class SoC design services to its customers. The companies customer base range from large corporations through technology start-up. 

In order the provide the highest quality design services, the team is required to have the knowledge and experience of the current protocol standards, and the need to foresee the future requirements of the industry.

Low Power and Physical Design aware design with High Performance and Minimum Latency requirement is the thought-process of Aims architects and design engineers as they start carving out the microarchitecture and RTL. 

Coming up with feature extraction from system spec, translating these to test scenarios and constrained random techniques, developing a reusable testbench and testcases, and finally signing off on the verification is an established process at Aims Technology.

From RTL sign-off through physical sign-off, the company follows an established process that is customized for each technology node, attention to details with comprehensive checklist at different stages of the implementation.

Methodology (UVM), choice of implementation languages(SystemVerilog, C++, SystemC, Python, Java etc.) and effective use constructs play a critical role to maximize use the available resources - licenses and machines, and do more with less. This is in our DNA.

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