Aims Technology releases Aims Himalia, NoC explorer tool to provide complete on-chip interconnect solutions

Establishes company’s absolute commitment to offering differentiated AMBA® 5 CHI cache coherent NoC solutions to emerging high performance and low power SoC markets

Multicore and IoT Developers Conference, Santa Clara, CA, May 6, 2015

Aims Technology Inc., a cache-coherent network-on-chip IP company, based in Santa Clara, CA, announced the release of its NoC Explorer Tool - Aims Himalia to provide comprehensive on-chip interconnect solution targeted for low power and high performance market. This tool will supplement the company’s existing NoC IPs – Aims Andromeda, a cache coherent NoC IP, and Aims Milky Way, an interconnect NoC IP that does not require cache coherency. The tool integrates with both and provides a heterogeneous NoC solution for complex SoCs.

Aims Himalia is an automated GUI-based NoC explorer tool that enables SoC engineers to capture the topologies based on the system requirements, run simulation, and evaluate performance across multiple topologies. The engineers explore with mesh, ring, and hybrid mesh-ring topologies, and create NoC subsystems to review power, routing, and performance. The interface support includes both AMBA 5 CHI and AMBA AXI4 standards. The tool automates the generation of design IP and a full-fledged testbench for verification. It supports scalable number of processors, IOs, and memories on the network. The verification scheme implements the latest trends in Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) that comes in handy at the system level testing. It provides seamless integration to work with the 3rd party industry leading AMBA 5 CHI and AMBA AXI4 VIPs.

“With the advent of IoT, IoE, and Data Center Interconnect, the SoC requirements are more dynamic now than ever before. Aims Technology recognized the need of the industry and introduces Aims Himalia to automate the architectural exploration and more,” said Kishore Mishra, President and CTO. “We have a configurable NoC solution for performance, routing, and power. The automation helps system architects to quickly converge on the best-in-class features of the IP for their SoCs.”

This new tool from Aims Technology tightly works with Aims Andromeda, cache coherent NoC IP and Aims Milky Way, on-chip Interconnect IP for non-coherent network. The tool will be an important part in adopting the optimal architecture and reducing development time for NoC-based design.

About Aims Technology Inc.

Aims Technology Inc. is a pure-play Cache Coherent NoC IP company. The company designs and licenses next generation Cache Coherent Network-on-Chip (NoC) IP for high performance and low power SoC markets that include but not limited to computing, security, storage, and networking. The company products are optimized for energy-efficiency and designed to interoperate with ARM high performance ARMv8-A processors - ARM® Cortex®-A72, Cortex-A57 and Cortex-A53. The company has offices in Santa Clara, CA and Bhubaneswar, India.

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