If you are excited to work with a technology-centric company with the finest engineers in the industry, you got it! The company has a result-driven culture with internal processes tuned to produce the best-in-class products in the industry. In order to drive such products, the company is always on the look out for self-driven engineers willing to challenge the status-quo and innovate the next gen product.

If you are such an engineer specializing in System-on-chip, please send your resume to resume@aimstechnologyinc.com. Review the current positions.

The compensation is industry-standard, and is based on experience, expertise, and ingenuity.

SoC Verification Engineers 

Location: Santa Clara, USA, Bhubaneswar/Bangalore, India

Experience: 2+ years of experience

Language Expertise: SystemC/C++/TLM2.0, SystemVerilog/UVM

  • Full chip level verification using UVM/SystemVerilog
  • Complex system modeling experience using SystemC/C++
  • Hardware-software co-partitioning


SoC Physical Design Engineers 

Location: Bhubaneswar/Bangalore, India

Experience: 3+ years of experience. 

  • Advanced process nodes - 28nm and below.
  • Hierarchical design approach, top-down design
  • Budgeting, timing and physical convergence. 
  • Adept in resolving design and flow issues related to physical implementation.


SoC Design Engineers 

Location: Bhubaneswar, India

Experience: 4+ years of experience

Language Expertise: Synthesizable Verilog and SystemVerilog 

Protocol Expertise: AMBA 5 CHI, AMBA 4 AXI, PCI Express

Hand-on experience in synthesis, static timing analysis, lec is required.

GPU/CPU Experience is a big plus. 

Full chip level microarchitecture knowledge is a big plus.

Education: BSEE/BSCE. MSEE/MSCE is a big plus.

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